We hold workshops on many topics throughout the year. Please check our Activities page for the latest updates. The homepage will also have posts for the most recent workshops. Availability and quantity of classes are heavily dependent on the amount of funding and sponsorships we can obtain.

Recent workshops have included Communication & Life skills, Depression & Suicide, Volunteer Training, Youth Leadership, and many others.  Most enrollment fees are covered for members of the CNHA. Unless stated otherwise, workshops and classes are located at the 9806 Willow St., Chemainus BC (across from Waterwheel Park).

Other Workshops & Classes include:
First Aid
BC Food Safe certification
Suicide Prevention
Canning Workshops
Communication & Non-Violent Response Techniques
Volunteer Training with youth
Eat Well on a Limited Budget
Healthy Soup
Literacy & Resources for new Canadians (every month, in partnership with the Intercultural Society).

Remember: classes such as First Aid Level 1 are usually $100 per person, but free at the CNHA with membership.  Double check to see if your membership is up to date – $10 a year per family March 1st – end of February.

Recent Workshops & Classes:

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