Malcolm Crockett

Past President receives letter from the Queen

CNHA Past President Malcolm Crockett has received a thank-you letter from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II for sending the words to A Lullaby for a Little Princess with Christmas greetings to The Queen and HRH Prince Philip, writing from Sandringham House.

Lady-in-Waiting, Philipa de Pass wrote Malcolm, “The Queen wishes me to thank you  … very much..,” and further messaged, “The Queen is most grateful for your kind words, and is touched by the loyalty and support…  I am to send you Her Majesty’s best wishes and renewed thanks for your thought…”

The music for the Lullaby was composed by Charles Dool for HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and first performed on a large Irish harp by Gwyneth Evans at the Long To Reign Over Us service commemorating The Queen’s long and dedicated reign of service, and in particular, her leadership and stewardship of The Commonwealth of Nations.  Malcolm was privileged to sit in on the rehearsal and the initial performance.

Commenting on the lullaby, Malcolm noted “… lullabies are most effective when impromptu, or sung by anyone who cares for any subset of the 168,000 children and youth living in poverty in B.C. As HRH Princess Charlotte is the first female Royal to potentially benefit from recent legislation which abandons the practice of promogenitre, (i.e., if she has a younger brother, she will not lose her precedent as currently fourth in line for the Throne.)  That said, I wanted to assert the image of strengths for both girl or boy babies by employing our quite wonderful British Columbian Chinook word, ‘skookum‘, in the lullaby…”

Last December, respecting appropriate customs and protocol, Malcolm messaged the Royals and wrote, (in part) “… the text for the lullaby borrows from “The Queen Elizabeth Grace” (written originally for the current Queen’s Tudor ancestor, Queen Elizabeth I); the ‘defend new laws’ part is an allusion to the second verse of God Save the Queen.

The Lullaby for a Little Princess includes the following:

Long preserve you in Peace and Health to help you protect and defend the Earth (3x)
Rejoice in your strengths and defend new laws, use your privileges in many a cause
May all babies, girls and boys, resemble in strengths the robust and Skookum Infant Mars..
Long preserve you in Peace and Health to help us ensure a verdant future!  (3x)

Malcolm Crockett is committed to providing the original music and the full text of the Lullaby for a Little Princess when available.

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